Colleiteiro’s Winery

Our Boutique Winery of Colleiteiro is located in the family home, and generation after generation we have been dedicated our lives to viticulture since our ancestor, the Infantry Lt. Col. José Novoa, returned victoriously from the First Carlist War in 1840. Six generations later, the Colleiteiro Jose Manuel Blanco inherited the winery and in 2002 he decided that instead of selling the grapes, he would start bottling his own wine.

In 2012, due to the tenth anniversary, we decided to take a step forward in improving our wines, we combined the latest technologies in winemaking with our family traditions, for this reason we chose a new brand for our winery, Val de Souto. As we are a winery of Colleiteiro, all our wines are signature wines and  also estate-bottled, which means the wine is elaborated entirely from our own grapes and is made entirely, bottled in our winery and all this processes are made by the same person, the Colleiteiro Jose Manuel Blanco.